09/28/2012: I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it.

I took another road trip today. Started my weekend early. Took my partner and our cameras our for some autumn color photography.
As always, my trusty Glock 17 was on my hip and out of sight. It didn’t impede my fun nor did it “go off” and injure innocents, it sat there boring as every but ready to run at a moments notice in my belt holster.

Happy Friday. This photo was my reward for the day.

09/27/2011: I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it.

I carried a firearm for personal protection today, just like every other day. There is not much to it. I put it in the holster and then the holster goes in my pocket. Can you guess which pistol I’m carrying today?

See how boring this is? I’ve been doing this for over 7 years (i said 5 by mistake the other day, i forgot how old I was ūüôā ) and have had no issues related to carrying a firearm.

It’s been so boring that I almost forgot to make a post for today. Yawn : )

I did notice this disturbing bar on my way to work though. “NO GANG COLORS PERMITTED” Yikes!

Where do you stand?

I believe that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects our right to keep and bear arms. I believe that the original intent of the 2nd is just as valid today as it was all of those years ago. The right of the individual to keep and bear arms for personal protection, and as a last resort to rebel against a tyrannical .gov.

What do you believe?

09/22/2012 I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it.

It looks like we are going on a family road trip out of state. ¬†Just like every other day, I’ll be packing my Glock 9mm pistol. ¬†It’s big, but believe it or not it conceals well. ¬†I’ll also be carrying a back up magazine or two, because on a semi-auto pistol the component most likely to fail is the magazine. ¬†The extra capacity is not needed, but it’s another comfort regardless.

Hopefully, I’ll have some pictures to post later. ¬†Happy Saturday : )

I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it.

Just like every other day, ¬†I carried a gun today. ¬†It wasn’t used to hurt anyone. ¬†It was used for nothing more than piece of mind today. ¬†It’s there, just like my auto & health insurance policies to protect me when I need it most.

I have no illusions.  A firearm is not a magical talisman that will protect me from any harm that is coming my way.  The best way to insure your safety and that of your family is to avoid the Triangle of Stupid (TOS for short):

  1. Stupid things
  2. Stupid people
  3. Stupid places

However if I’m left without a choice: A firearm is there for the protection of myself and my family should the need arise. ¬†I would use it to stop a threat of serious bodily harm or death to me or my loved ones. ¬†Stop the threat. ¬†Nothing more. Nothing less. ¬†It’s not there to kill or harm anyone. ¬†It’s there for self-defense, the first human right.

I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it.

Make predators think twice.