One Punch Can Change Your Life — And End Someone Elses

One single punch can kill you. You don’t have to bang your head on the way down after being knocked out either. The punch itself is all that is necessary to kill you. Every able bodied person is equipped with 2 fists as well as the even deadlier feet. Everyone is worried about firearms in the wrong hands, but what about the “wrong hands” in the wrong hands? Fists and feet are deadly weapons and are regularly used as such.

Did you know that you are 4x more likely to be killed by another persons hands and feet than with a rifle of ANY type? (even with the super scary tacticool semi-auto ones included) FBI Stats

You have no obligation to let people attack you, even with bare fists. Retreat if you can, but do not hesitate to use force to protect your own life. Including deadly force. If someone advances upon you while you are armed and indicated that you are threatened and will fire if advanced upon then they are a deadly threat. Every police officer is taught this in academy, armed citizens should be just as prepared.

No one has the right to assault you, ever. You always have the right to defend yourself from harm.

Slate Article on Punching Death.

Boxers describing a classic knockout punch talk about snapping their opponent’s head back or turning it around. That’s because punching someone unconscious—or killing them—usually results from the rotational forces placed on the head, not from the direct impact of the fist itself. A hook to the side of the head, or an uppercut to the chin, can send the head spinning, which breaks blood vessels inside the skull. In these cases, victims may die of internal bleeding hours after the fight, with friends and emergency medical personnel never realizing what was going on.

Sometimes the rotational forces on the head leave the blood vessels intact but stress the neurons to the point that they cease to function normally, causing a loss of consciousness. The victim then smashes his head on the concrete, which causes bleeding or other catastrophic brain injury. This scenario played out in 2003, when a drunken bar fly in San Diego killed a former Marine with a sucker punch.

Remember one punch can kill. Austrailia: One Punch Can Kill

What do you think: Are fists deadly weapons or not?


10/10/2012: I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it.

Just like every other day, I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it.

I’ve been having such a good day. I carried my LCP .380 to the office and all was well. I’m very excited though, because tomorrow my D800 comes in the mail! I’ll have to post some fancy pictures or something, but I just wanted to let everyone know how normal and uneventful life is when you carry a firearm for personal protection.

10/09/2012: I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it.

Just like every other day, I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it. The flavor of the day was the venerable Glock 17. It’s a family favorite at my house.

I was carrying a large sum of cash today and being armed made me feel a bit better about it. I made a large deposit into my bank account for my new new camera… the Nikon D800. It’ll be here Thursday.

My gun hasn’t jumped out of the holster and killed anyone today. I’ll have to check back again tomorrow to make sure that it doesn’t.

10/07/2012: I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it.

Just like every other day, I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it. I carried my Glock 17 9mm, and since I wasn’t in a rush, I brought 2 extra magazines with me for reliability concerns.

My partner and I took a trip to PA and hit up the local Chinese Buffet and got our fill. Then it was off to BB to see if they had a D800 we could look at. They didn’t have any and that’s OK because we don’t buy big ticket items from there anyway.

My gun (GUNZ?) didn’t jump out of it’s holster and kill anyone today either. I’m going to have to check back in tomorrow to make sure that it doesn’t.

10/06/2012: I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it.

Just like every other day, I carried a firearm for personal protection today and no one was hurt by it.

I taught a small Ohio CCW refresher class for 3 people this morning at my usual range spot, free of charge because I want more people to be encouraged to carry lawfully and responsibly. I also let everyone shoot my Henry .22 and Colt Sp-1. Since it rained last night, we even shot some tracers at steel targets. Fun was had all around.

I do high speed photography of my shooters to help them analyze and correct their shooting techniques. Here’s a pretty cool photo from that session today.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Took a trip to my parents house and then also got a stuffed crust pepperoni pizza from the hut. It was a good day and no one or nothing was hurt by my GUNZ.

10/05/2012: I carried a gun today and no one was hurt by it.

Today was a Glock 17 day. I got out of work early and my partners little sister was there to spend time with us. We took her to the most evil place we could find….TACO BELL.

I carried my firearm all day and the most danger that we encountered was the fast food. I’ll have to keep an eye on this thing and make sure that it doesn’t jump out of the holster and start killing people. I may have to check back tomorrow to let you all know how the night went.